About me

I am just a *FOSS* contributor who is interested currently on the development of the kernel. of course Linux.
I am a DevOps engineer at Vistaprint. When I have a free time or when I'm not trying to pay the bills, I'm a contributor to the Ubuntu community.
and this is my resume. It doesn't include everything that I did, but at least it include the most important things that I have done.

About this site

This little piece of site is a way to keep track of stuff that I am thinking about or working on.
I research things that I find interesting, then document my findings with a public blog post, which I can refer to later.
Hopefully other people will find these posts helpful, relevant, or interesting.


if you have anything to say, or you want me to help you in an Open-source project. Do not hesitate to mail me on
naeil at nzoueidi dot com. BTW, please try your best to not send me a HTML mail :s or base64-mime attachments.
Another thing, I am not on facebook, while I am on twitter


This section is for meetups I have organized or I have attented. Each meetup will include photos and slides for persentations if there is any.

Today's image is here.


I will try my best to update this section when I add any new post/article.

This work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.