A tour into k8s's code

Hello friends, I have been busy with the real life so I didn't post any article the few past months
This list consist about some of the main components of k8s and how they work from code until runtime
If you are willing to contribute to k8s in any ways, this article will include some sub-articles about k8s's internals.
This is not the final list, expect any item to be added, as usual if you ntoiced any typo please feel free to hack the article in Github, I will be more than happy!
Likewise, if you think I forgot to mention anything, do not hesitate to add it ;)

As mentioned above, I will write an article each time from that list and publish it into this list of articles that belongs to k8s.
If you don't know k8s or you don't have any expertise on Go, I don't recommend you these articles. Please refer to any articles in the net talking about the basics
of k8s and how you can operate your own k8s cluster.

For the records, I am not an expert and am just reading and learning and trying to write what I have learned during my journey in a simple way.

Cheers o/
Last modified at 27/08/2018 8:25 PM