Into the wild!

Hi folks! I will try my best to finish and add posts here in this collection.
I think you are here and guessing about the subject/topic related to this post. Well, this a serie for couple collection about the Linux kernel
and some low level stuff! Amazing right? :P Meanwhile, I am learning and trying to post here each time!
Q : Why I choosed the name of this collection : "Into the wild!"?
A : I have choosed this name because of the film, just watch it and you will know why I named this collection like that! :D
I will try to make things more easier/clearer for the reader and I hope that I can do it! :D
Alright, without any further talking here is a brief list of what I am going to talk about

PS : I am not a ninja guy with low level stuff, I am learning just like you. So if you noticed any things that are not right, feel free to hack it
using my git repo or just pinging me on twitter nzoueidi

Posts :
Behind the scenes!
Examine the Stack using GDB
How debuggers like GDB works?

This is not the final list, surely there's another things to be added, but just to make the roadmap clear for me and you.
Stay tuned until next update!

Last update : 27/12/18 08:03 pm (UTC+1)

Cheers o/